Kay Lakka is an eminent Psychologist,Psychotherapist'Psychosexual relationship therapist ,EMDR practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist,'specialist perinatal doula , hypnobirthing and Dancing For Birth teacher and an expert reviewer for momjunction.

About Kay (she/her)

Kay Lakka's first degree was in psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society . Kay Lakka gained a post graduate diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and began to work with clients and developed a personal style based on  integrity and complete respect for each clients uniqueness. Kay Lakka gained a Masters degree from London University and trained in analytical psychology with the British Association of Psychotherapist and then went on to do an advanced diploma is Psychotherapy with the CCPE . Kay Lakka also studied EMDR it was while working with traumatised clients Kay noticed how many traumas were sexual in nature and so went on to train as a Psychosexual and relationship therapist. This in turn led Kay to want to stop trauma before it happened by working with birth trauma so trained as a Doula and gained an additional diploma in Hypnobirthing. Kay Lakka teaches doulas self  care and is a specialist perinatal psychotherapist and runs workshops to restore harmony and Dancing For Birth (tm) and an expert reviewer for momjunction.

Kay Lakka is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist.

Perinatal mental health is important for the future of humanity. 

As well as having a clinical practise, Kay Lakka teaches how to restore harmony and is a recognised birth doula and Dancing for Birth (tm)  teacher and an expert reviewer for momjunction.